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Slimming | Testa Rossa Beauty - Megan Holliday


Target Areas:  Hips | Legs | Thighs | Tummy Back | Arm | Buttocks


Body contouring is the improved process of the definition, shape and smoothness of the human physique. With the way technology has evolved it has given way to non-invasive techniques for body shaping other than liposuction. An alternative name for this machine is called an “Electronic Muscle Stimulator”.

A micro-current is produced via the electrodes which impulse the motor nerves causing the targeted muscle groups to take exercise passively in the way of expanding and contracting. In the same way you would increase your weights at the gym as you get stronger – this machine allows you to choose the intensity of the electrical current increasing the pulse as you become stronger.

Without exhaustive effort, this machine allows for a gentle start with a progressive stimulation increase without straining or harm to your joints. The metabolism will improve by improvement of blood circulation. This machine enhances the muscle strength and improves fat reduction accordingly, also assisting with the removal of toxins and relieves pain too. With this it helps with muscle recovery after injury by improving the clearing process of the accumulated lactic acid.

The use of the Detox will be prohibited to anyone with the following Conditions:

Cardiovascular Conditions   |   Diabetes   |   Orthopedic Injuries   |   Plating   |   Fasteners   |   Pins

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