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Eyelash Extensions | Testa Rossa Beauty - Megan Holliday

Eyelash Extensions

Natural Look | Thicker Look | Dramatic Look | Glamorous Look | Cat-eye Look


Eyelash extensions are shaped and finely tuned into a beautiful curl using a synthetic material known as a porous fibre, which is thicker darker, longer and have a fine tip to resemble the¬†curve of a natural eyelash. Using a medically graded adhesive, each extension is applied on to each of your natural eyelashes individually. This adhesive does not contain “formaldehyde”.

Eyelash extensions do not damage your own eyelashes as they are lightweight and applied individually. As it is attached to a natural eyelash, it will shed when with the natural eyelash once the normal lifespan of each eyelash has ended. The lifespan of your individual lashes is approximately 90 days. Your lashes will continue to grow and shed at the same rate as normal.

In total, about 3-4 of your natural eyelashes fall out per day, with a new lash growth in its place. When doing a fill, the newly grown lashes will have new extensions applied individually on each eyelash. One must refrain from pulling or rubbing the extensions excessively as this will weaken the natural lashes. Each individual, depending on what age group you fall under generally have 80 Р120 Lashes per eye.


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