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Kryolan Makeup | Testa Rossa Beauty - Megan Holliday

Kryolan Makeup Products

Bridal | Matric Farewell | Boudoir | Special Occasion | Contouring | Costume Makeup | Wounds


Makeup is a magical tool that can transform your face, enhancing your best features. It allows freedom of ‘Self Expression’ of personality and moods visually, giving you that incredible Confidence Boost. You don’t need to wear makeup to feel beautiful and confident. It’s simply an added feature to give your look a little ‘Umph!’

Don’t wear the Makeup – let the Makeup wear YOU!! Unlike other things such as shoes or clothes, the benefit is that makeup will always fit. When it comes to makeup and adding a touch of lipstick, blush, and mascara, it looks great on everyone! Makeup is art and you are the canvas, but makeup enhances the canvas – it doesn’t change it.

Bio   Makeup is an accessible art form for all woman to use as a Creative Outlet and become an artist when applying your own makeup, and having a variety of colours, textures and techniques will allow you to get as creative as you’d like. Treat it like a Pampering Session for yourself, done by yourself, to reward yourself with the enjoyment of relaxing and spoiling yourself.


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